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Promises MADE - Promises BROKEN #SHAME

United Technologies has received BILLIONS of dollars in federal contracts yet they are laying off American workers and offshoring their jobs. Even after making deals with the President they continued to fire workers and eliminate U.S jobs. They recently eliminated 500 of 1400 factory jobs at their Indiana plant. That is not a success. It is not a win for the United States. It’s more exploitation from a company benefiting from federal contracts. #ShameOnCarrier


Carrier is owned by United Technologies which is one of the largest recipients of United States military contracts. Roughly 10% of their revenue comes from federal contracts. Carrier has a plant in Indiana that for decades has employed American workers.

Carrier made news in 2016 when Donald Trump stepped in and ‘saved’ jobs at the plant by giving a $7 MILLION DOLLAR tax credit to the company.  A year later hundreds of workers in that very plant had lost their job and on top of that Carrier then sent over 700 jobs to Mexico.  They continue to offshore at the expense of American workers.

United Technologies has received over $2.5 BILLION dollars in federal contracts since 2016.  There is no reason that a corporation who profits so handsomely from the tax dollars of hard working Americans should be killing jobs here in the United States.  It’s time for the President to sign the executive order that bans companies who offshore work from being eligible for federal contracts.  #OffshoreNoMore #ShameOnCarrier

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Watch the videos below to see the workers fighting back to keep those jobs in the United States.  It’s time for the promises that were made to all working class American families be fulfilled. #ShameOnCarrier

We The Forgotten

Donald Trump promised to save the jobs of workers at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis. Trump broke his promise. These are the workers Trump forgot. #WeTheForgotten

Posted by Good Jobs Nation on Tuesday, August 21, 2018


CARRIER: 1 Year Later

This is what REALLY went down at the Carrier plant.

Posted by Good Jobs Nation on Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Tax payer dollars are supposed to be spent HELPING those tax payers. It should not be going to a corporation that has put their corporate profits ahead of what is best for those here at home. Shame on Carrier and United Technologies for taking in BILLIONS in federal contracts only to turn around and continue to offshore American jobs.  It’s wrong.  It’s shameful. It’s un-American.  It’s time for it to end. If you believe the same please Sign the Shame Campaign Petition to bring an end to the American epidemic that is offshoring.  #OffshoreNoMore #StopOutsourcing #ShameOnCarrier

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