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Over $550 million in federal contracts - cars built in Mexico?

General Motors has received over $550 million in federal contracts but they are still offshoring work and closing down plants in the United States.  All while being the beneficiary of a corporate tax cut that was supposed to bring jobs back. It's time for companies that send production to other countries not to be eligible for federal contracts.  If you want to use tax savings to prosper at the expense of hard working American families you can do so without federal assistance.  American Jobs - American Families.


Since the beginning of 2017 the Lordstown, Ohio General Motors factory has lost two of its three shifts and over 3,000 jobs. The company has chosen instead to build cars in Mexico at the cost of workers right here in America.

There have been promises made by President Donald Trump to bring those jobs back. It’s time to hold these corporate juggernauts accountable and sign an executive order banning the awarding of federal contracts to companies that outsource and offshore jobs outside of the United States. GM CEO Mary Barra has been spoken to by representatives but has refused to make any commitment to keeping the Lordstown plant running. That’s not putting America first.

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Watch the videos below to see the workers fighting back to keep those jobs in the United States.  It’s time for the promises that were made to all working class American families be fulfilled. #ShameOnGM

Lordstown, OH

Laid-off GM and AT&T workers in Lordstown, Ohio call on Trump to keep jobs in the USA! #PromisesBroken Pickup Truck Tour

Posted by Good Jobs Nation on Monday, September 10, 2018


LAID OFF WORKERS PROTEST TRUMP: Ohio workers who lost their jobs are speaking out, saying Pres. Trump has broken his promises on offshoring. Under Trump, General Motors cut 3,000 jobs in Trumbull County, Ohio, while opening a new plant in Mexico. Meanwhile, GM has received $600 million in federal contracts from the Trump admin. Voters in the county backed Trump in 2016 after twice supporting Pres. Obama. (via Good Jobs Nation

Posted by NowThis Politics on Monday, September 10, 2018


The auto industry and General Motors specifically has been bailed out by the United States government before.  They still exist today because of the American people’s tax dollars keeping them afloat.  It’s time for these corporations to repay that by keeping work right here in the United States.  If they won’t – no more federal contracts are deserved.  #OffshoreNoMore #StopOutsourcing #ShameOnGM

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