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BILLIONS in federal contracts - OFFSHORING?

Honeywell has received BILLIONS of dollars in federal contracts and have profited handsomely from the corporate tax rates being lowered yet they are now offshoring jobs at a record pace. What happened to those tax cuts benefiting American families? How can a United States corporation continue to offshore jobs to Mexico and receive federal contracts? #ShameOnHoneywell


Honeywell ranks among the top ten U.S. companies for federal contractors that offshore American jobs. This is in spite of the fact that Honeywell took in over $1.7 BILLION in profits last year much of which came from lucrative federal contracts.

This is an American company that builds systems for state of the art F-35 fighter jets that are flown by our armed forces. They’ve chosen to eliminate jobs at home and send work overseas to Turkey. 

On top of that their CEO Darius Adamczyk made almost $17 MILLION dollars last year.  That is over 330 TIMES the amount that their average workers make.  With BILLION dollar profits and MILLIONS going to their CEO they’ve still cut healthcare benefits to over 4700 retirees who spent their lives building military components that have kept the United States safe for generations.

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Watch the videos below to see the workers fighting back to keep those jobs in the United States.  It’s time for the promises that were made to all working class American families be fulfilled. #ShameOnHoneywell

Honeywell Retirees Hold Trump Accountable!

Honeywell retirees are joining Good Jobs Nation and calling on Trump to keep his promises to American workers!

Posted by Good Jobs Nation on Tuesday, October 16, 2018


LIVE from South Bend, Indiana: We are with Honeywell workers fighting to save their jobs and Honeywell retirees, fighting to keep their benefits!

Posted by Good Jobs Nation on Saturday, October 6, 2018


This is not how a corporation that receives BILLIONS in federal contracts should conduct themselves. It’s wrong for our tax dollars to go to companies that are killing jobs here at home. That money is taken from our hard paychecks and it should be going to help benefit American families. Not so that CEOs can make themselves even richer.  It’s time for these corporations to be held accountable for their actions. Keep employing workers here in America or no more federal contracts. Put American workers first.  #OffshoreNoMore #StopOutsourcing #ShameOnHoneywell

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